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The founder of Petals & Prosecco, Sarah Griffiths, has always believed in living life to the fullest. Always up for a dance party, she thrives on unique, fun and beautiful experiences that bring people together. With a deep love for prosecco and a belief that all of life’s moments are worth celebrating, the idea of the brand was formed. Sarah knows that life can be busy, but over a bottle of pretty prosecco women can laugh, bond and enjoy life’s finer moments. She’s on a mission to spread love and inspiration everywhere by encouraging women to celebrate themselves and enjoy the beautiful things life has to offer.



We believe in

- Experiences -

We believe that the best life is one enjoyed through exceptional, unique experiences; having fun, sparking connections and creating lifelong memories.

- Connections -

Friendships reign high in our heart and we know that time spent with friends is never wasted…. let Petals & Prosecco be your (*pretty* darn good) excuse to get together!

- Celebrations -

We believe that when you stop and look around, life is pretty amazing and there’s always something worth celebrating! We’re all worthy and deserving of celebrating ourselves and each other.

- Inspiration -

We never miss a moment to encourage and cheer(s) each other on!

- Optimism -

Our glass is never half empty! We’re bubbly, enthusiastic and always the life of the party.

- Beauty -

We believe that you should always take the opportunity to stop and smell the flowers; we always find beauty in the little things.